This project is to be an Apple III Plus. The process of locating all the schematics, firmware images and ASICs is currently underway. Once we have all the material needed to define the system we hope to commence work.

The Apple III and the III Plus
The Apple III+ project is expected to comprise of a single .zip containing an Altium Project and several pre-compiled bit stream images ready to download. The III+ project will support cross vendor targets including the Xilinx XC3S1500, the Altera Cyclone II as well as the Xilinx Virtex 4 SX and LX devices.

The soft AIII+ will offer the features of a standard AIII+ configuration:

The Apple III+ project is in it's preliminary stages, and is only being laid out at this point. Sourcing information for the design has become a time-consuming task, as information specific to the III+ (as opposed to the III) is difficult to locate. If you have any information on the III+ that you would be happy to share, it would be much appreciated.

Apple Model Number: A3S2-xxxxxx