- www.1000bit.net
To other sites of technical interest to the Apple FPGA Designer

Vtech, one of the more advanced Apple cloners, supposedly cloned the Apple IIgs back in 1989. To date, I haven't seen any evidence of this machine, but if it does exist, I would really love to get hold of their source CAD documents or schematics.
As the names says (in binary!) - It's all about eight bit computers
Hong Kong based Computer Cloning Company
- whatisthe2gs.apple2.org.za
Comprehensive web site about the IIgs and IIgs peripheral cards
- apple3.applearchives.com
Great site for all things Apple ///, including software and manuals
- www.digibarn.com
A very comprehensive site, including some personal history of the industry
- mirrors.apple2.org.za
Great range of mostly functional imaged Apple II software
- apple.asimov.net
Comprehensive library of Apple II imaged software
- www.umich.edu
Uni of Michigan Apple II software archive website
- www.apple2.org.za
Pre-prepared .SDK Archives of games and apps on various AII OS's
- www.gno.org
The Apple II Trenco Archive, now known as the GNO AII Archive
- www.xilinx.com
Xilinx is an industry leader in advanced FPGA devices and tools
- www.altera.com
Altera produce some of the most suitable FPGA's for general logic designs
- www.latticesemi.com
Lattice FPGA device and tools site
- www.actel.com
Actel's Sea of modules (Logic Blocks) style of FPGA devices
- www.quicklogic.com
Quicklogic's website of programmable devices
- www.fpga-faq.org
Comprehensive list of FPGA development boards and FPGA info
A great site to get started with FPGAs and begin learning how it's all done
- a2central.com
Top website with the latest and greatest happenings in the A][ world
- www.applefritter.com
Very comprehensive site of Apple II activities, including a forum
- www.apple2.org
Main site for apple2.org - lots of interesting info about the persistant AII
- www.a2-web.com
Great site for keeping in touch with what other Apple ][ sites have been up to
- apple2history.org
Amazing history about Apple and how they got it right (and sometimes wrong)

In 1988, Apple produced a powerful video card capable of VGA style resolutions. This was called the "Apple Video Overlay Card". As part of the Apple IIe and IIgs projects, we are hoping to include this fine piece of hardware history in the design. If anyone has any information, schematics or firmware they are able to share with us, it would be much appreciated.
Apple's VGA quality Video Card for the Apple II
- www.opencores.org
Very comprehensive site of free FPGA soft core IP
- www.altium.com.au
Unified FPGA development platform and tool chain
- /jorgechamorro/a2things/
An excellent site with great technical info (with a very cool animated backdrop)
Apple II Overlay Video Card
- www.faddensoft.com
The site of the excellent "Ciderpress" Software. This indispensable Apple II utility makes everything possible.
- www.fpga4fun.com