About AppleLogic
AppleLogic's main goal is preservation. Electronic and semiconductor industries have always been based on the bottom line; things change when the magical 20% falls off causing the corporate kaleidoscope to rotate again. This time to move people away from problems, to introduce new projects, to deploy "crack teams" on under-performing projects, to create new enthusiasm and drive amongst the employees, to promote the successful, to let go the unlucky, to realign the company, to bring the 20% back to the profit line, and to discontinue non-performing products.

And yet in their profit-making wake, any successful product will always create a legacy regardless of when it is cut loose. The more successful, the greater the following. With Apple, this has never been so apparent. Their designs have always been very different, and exceptionally good. A lot of them, especially the Apple II, are distilled with serious talent, devotion and determination. The end result, unlike raw commodity products, is a product that brings culture to something so ordinary by today's standards. Even Apple's earliest products have had this quality characteristic. The concept of "Apple II forever" has real meaning to those that know and love what the Apple II represents. But as time goes by, the II will disappear. If we can capture the design, preserve its original software, look and feel, maybe we can continue to enjoy what this brilliant machine was all about, many years after the last capacitors have dried out. handjob-hd.net
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