AppleLogic's Hall of Fame
AppleLogic's existence has been the result of many talented people from various disciplines. We have contributors who specialise in Verilog, VHDL, PCB, Schematic, as well as other disciplines such as assembly language, C/C++ and processor design. These combined efforts have produced some stunning results and we hope to see more people participating, and hopefully a few more additions to the list.

For the moment, as we have only just begun, I guess we will keep a low profile; in respect to each others work. We have a CPU designer, a dedicated researcher, a Verilog pro, a VHDL guru, and me, the hardware guy. We will certainly invite others to contribute but until then, as we take our DeLorean back to the 'Eighties to work on this stuff, we might as well be something like the rock band KISS whilst we are at it, and hope to be unmasked one day. I bags be Gene Simmons, and one of us already sounds like Ace Frehley, and I know one dude would be the cat Peter Criss, for sure...

But until then, we'll see how far we get.
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