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Carte Blanche II FPGA Peripheral Board
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The next generation of FPGA based Apple II compatible peripheral boards
Carte Blanche II & CBIO capabilities and location
Carte Blanche II top level diagram
3D design simulation prior to manufacture - top
CAD design illustration card build layers
Altium Project Archive
FPGA Configuration Bitstream
Altium Schematic and PCB Archive
CAD design illustration detailing route paths
CBII is an FPGA-based peripheral board for the Apple II, designed as an improvement to the original Carte Blanche with added functionality and an onboard JTAG adaptor. CBII includes the features of CBI plus some extras for easy implementation of projects (CBIvsCBII). Please see 'Additional Resources' for information on demo projects, expansion boards, adaptors, cables, JTAG and developer resources.

Carte Blanche II 24bit RGB video test
Carte Blanche II
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Carte Blanche II and CBIO dimension specs
3D design simulation prior to manufacture - back
Carte Blanche II
Digikey's C6RRS-4006M-ND DIP40 to DIP40 cable connects CBII's FPGA to the IIe's CPU socket
REMOVE PIN 27!!!! from Digikey's C6RRS-4006M-ND cable before snooping/replacing the 3600 keyboard controller.